November 18, 2015

Hello blog friends!!!!

So I’m pretty bad at blogging these days! For those of you who still peek at my blog, yes I am still in business haha. I always think a business with a dead blog must have shut down. But anyway, I’m still photographing babies and families and posting them on Facebook. I’m also still being a mom and living the crazy life! Please follow my Facebook page to keep up with me during the times I’m not blogging. It’s soooo much easier to post on Facebook but I knowwwwww I need to blog too for SEO and all that stuff.

So anyway, onto bloggin’! I’m here to post about a new session that I’m offering- A Newborn Mini!! Yep, this is for clients who would prefer a shorter, more natural “lifestyle” type session, that’s also a little easier on the budget. I’m still offering my tradition full-length newborn sessions with the beanbag & backdrops, but the minis are now an option as well! The difference? Well, the mini will have less posing, more interactions, no beanbag, more natural props like beds and couches and cribs and family, even outside if weather allows. I can still bring headbands and wraps if you want, but I wont be dragging a car-sized beanbag, a bin, and bags of stuff to your front door for these sessions. I also wont be coaxing your baby to sleep while the heat blasts or staying for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I still love those sessions!! But everyone has different tastes and needs so here ya go! 🙂 Please call me (703.505.2115) or email me (babysnapphotography@gmail.com) or message me on FB or Snapchat me (haha yes I finally got one of those but no don’t really do that because I forget to check it) and we will chat about what is the best fit for your newborn! And while it’s great to be ahead of the game and schedule your session before baby comes, do NOT feel like you missed the boat if baby is already here! I do “newborn sessions” at 2 weeks or 8 weeks, no particular age required!

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