August 5, 2009

newborn session information

Please read this information so you know how to prepare for your newborn session and what to expect

Newborn sessions generally last around 2 hours depending on how many times baby needs to eat, whether he’s fussy or sleepy, etc. A newborn is the happiest when he is warm, and has a full belly. Please dress baby in a diaper only and swaddle him up for feeding before I arrive (or even as I’m walking through the door), and try to keep him relaxed and drowsy or asleep. Don’t worry if baby doesn’t cooperate with this though! Since we will do some bare skin images, I ask that you turn up the heat in your home right before the session time (it needs to be around 80 degrees, yes I’m serious!) 🙂  The rest of us might be sweating, but baby will be happy, so it will be worth it! The 2 most important things to ensure a successful newborn session: milk & heat! Feel free to have music or TV on during the session, it helps to not have a quiet house. Most importantly, don’t stress if things don’t go as planned, newborns are unpredictable and we will still get the images you want!

When I arrive on session day, I’ll take a few minutes checking out the light in your home since I use mostly wonderful, natural light. I may ask to move a piece of furniture or open some blinds. The best light may be in an unexpected place like the kitchen or a bedroom. Once baby is fed, warm, sleepy, and comfortable, we will do the sleepy, curly poses, as well as your “most important” poses first and then just go with the flow from there! If baby has awake time during the session, images with his eyes open are awesome too! Other things to expect- your baby may pee/poop on my stuff, it’s ok, it’s washable! Also expect to take a couple of breaks to feed or “top-off” baby, newborns always want to eat during the session, even if they just ate. Don’t feel stressed about your schedule or because I’m there waiting, newborn sessions require patience!

Clothing: newborns steal the show just the way they are, so simple is the key! My favorite “outfit” is just bare skin and simple wraps. We can also use simple outfits/onesies that fit well and are not baggy. If you have a special outfit/blanket you’d like to incorporate, we can certainly work that in. I will use a beanbag (a HUGE one) and various blankets, as well as mom and/or dad to hold baby. Don’t worry about cleaning up for me, you just had a baby!  However, the Master bed (or a guest bed) is usually a great place to take images of the baby with family!  We can also include the nursery if you so desire. As for parent’s clothing, plain clothing works best, no bright colors or patterns, preferable solids and neutrals.

Feel free to take a photo of me conducting the session as a keepsake, but please refrain from using your own camera/phone to photograph your baby during the session.  Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas that you want to discuss further. I would love to hear about any visions you have for your session!